Experience the difference – Point of Care Pharmacy is an independent, two-families owned pharmacy. Here, you will experience the comfort of seeing the same, familiar faces. We own and operate the store with an old fashion customer service. Our patient is our number one priority!

The Independent Choice – many people believe that “big chains” or mail orders will save them money and they don’t have another option, but we believe there is a better way and the choice is yours. Let us help you manage your medications and you will feel the difference!

For our patients, Point of Care is more than just a pharmacy – we are your one-stop-shop. While a short wait for your prescription, you would be able to shop for variety of vitamins, homeopathic medicines, medical and durable equipment, blood pressure monitors, compression stockings, blood glucose monitors and many more. We can also take care of your pet’s medications including prescription and dietary supplements.

We are a full service pharmacy – offering and providing extensive variety of services, which include but not limited to free pickup and delivery of your prescriptions, personalized counseling and medication therapy management, immunizations, compounding, charge accounts, and special packaging for residents of assisted living facilities.

The last but not least– At Point of Care Pharmacy, we are able to offer you the same if not better prices than chains for two reasons. We have access to the same wholesalers as big chains and because we are privately owned, we can set our own prices. Not only that, but we can customize your medication to your needs and have it ready for you the same day. We will accommodate your special needs and work with your doc