Meet Our Staff

Elina Elkind, PharmD, CGP, CCP, is an owner and a pharmacist in charge of Point of Care Pharmacy. Elina graduated with Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy from St. John’s University and recently completed and earned her PharmD from University of Florida. She is board certified in Geriatric Pharmacy, Immunizations, and MTM. She has almost 14 years of retail experience with both independent and chain pharmacies where she actively practices her knowledge and expertise in pharmacotherapy as an immunizer, consultant and geriatric pharmacist. Elina is highly trained in optimizing medication use and minimizing cost of drug therapy for patients.

Tatyana Orlova, RPh, is an owner and a staff pharmacist in Point of Care Pharmacy. She is a graduate from Ukrainian Pharmaceutical University, Kharkov, Ukraine with a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences and a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Tatyana provided pharmacy services to patients and medical practitioners in Odessa, Ukraine before relocating with her family to the USA. Here, she successfully fulfilled all of the requirements of New Jersey Board of Pharmacy and was licensed as a pharmacist. Tatyana is fluent in the Russian and Ukrainian languages, which can be useful in assisting some of the patients who might have difficulty understanding English instructions.