Medication Therapy Management

MTM is a service we provide to help you manage your medications and get the best results from them. We work closely with doctors to solve any problems related to your medicines.  During a scheduled appointment, in a completely private room, where you get a chance to speak with a pharmacist about all your medications and disease states or conditions, a trained MTM pharmacist will make sure:

  • You are taking the right medication for your condition
  • There is no drug interactions with prescription or over the counter (OTC) medications
  •  You are not experiencing undesirable effects
  • You are spending no more than you need

You will receive a personal medication record (PMR) as well as a medication action plan (MAP) at the end of this visit. If medication therapy problems are identified, the pharmacist will intervene on your behalf and when necessary, will refer you to other health care providers. Also, at the end of this interview, MTM services are documented and a follow up visit will be scheduled with you according to your individual requirements.